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copropriété, audit énergétique, maîtrise d'oeuvre

As an engineering specialist of all building trades, ALTEREA has all the skills to accompany condominiums on all of their projects: from the audit of their heritage, to design studies of works, through to the monitoring of energy performance and the reception of the works.


Global audit

The law Grenelle II promulgated on July 12, 2010 submits the condominiums of more than 50 batches in collective heating to the obligation to carry out a regulatory energy audit in order to vote in General Assembly the realization of a work plan or the implementation of an energy performance contract (Article 7, paragraph 7) aimed at controlling their energy expenses. (The methods of carrying out this audit are defined by the decree of 27/01/2012.)

Gradually, the content of the specifications of this audit was expanded by ADEME to propose to the condominiums to realize a more global inventory of heritage and a more complete work plan: the Global Audit is at the same time an audit architectural, technical and energetic.

The objective of this audit is to establish a real multi-year investment plan, partly funded by the compulsory works fund, which allows:

  • Permanently dispose of buildings in good working order and appearance
  • Anticipate the aging of structures and equipment
  • Spread financial efforts over time
  • Respect the regulations
  • Have visibility on the work to be done over the next 10 or 15 years

Establishing this plan also makes it possible to launch business consultations upstream and save money through rigorous and controlled tendering.

ALTEREA has architects, thermists and technicians in its teams. Company has all the resources to carry out the Global Audit of your heritage.

Global Technical Diagnosis

The Alur law of March 2014, makes the realization of a Global Technical Diagnosis compulsory from January 1st, 2017, for condominiums:

  • More than 10 years old and becoming a condominium (division of the building into several private lots and common)
  • Or who are the subject of a procedure for insalubrity and for which the administration asks the trustee to produce it

Condominiums that do not fall into this category are not required to achieve a Global Technical Diagnosis. However, since 1 January 2017, they have been obliged to submit this diagnosis to vote (by simple majority) at the general meeting of co-owners. The objective is to invite the co-owners to start discussing their projects and to decide on the interest of this study.

Contents of Global Technical Diagnosis

The Global Technical Diagnosis is an ideal tool to make an inventory of your condominium. It brings out the work solutions (feasible economically and technically) and allows you to set the agenda of the most suitable work program to reduce your energy consumption and your costs. It aims to:

  • To lower your energy consumption and your short and medium-term costs
  • Sustain and enhance your patrimony (increase in value following a rehabilitation)
  • To gain everyday comfort
  • Bring up to security standards
  • To identify the correct sequencing of maintenance and energy efficiency improvements

The Global Technical Diagnosis includes:

  • An analysis of the apparent state of common parts and common equipment
  • A statement of the situation of the syndicate of co-owners with regard to its legal and regulatory obligations
  • An analysis of the possible improvements concerning the technical and patrimonial management of the building
  • Energy Performance Diagnosis of the building or an energy audit
  • A summary cost estimate as well as the list of works necessary for the conservation of the building (in particular over the next 10 years)

Regulatory Audit, Global Audit or Global Technical Diagnosis?

Which study to choose when a condominium is not subject to any obligation?

We recommend that condominiums who want to undertake renovation works soon to carry out the Global Audit of their heritage. This one is indeed more complete, it can prefigure a mission of control of work and especially, it includes a financial engineering service.

Condominiums wishing to simply take stock of the inventory of their heritage and estimate the amount of work to be planned in the coming years can opt for the Global Technical Diagnosis.

Finally, condominiums that only wish to be in phase with the obligation to carry out an Energy Performance Diagnosis or a regulatory energy audit, can consult us for the realization of these services.

copropriété, audit énergétique, maîtrise d'oeuvre

Project supervision

ALTEREA can also assist you, as project manager, for the consultation of the companies and the monitoring of the renovation works that you wish to engage on your condominium:

Work design:

  • Remodeling the plans
  • Technical description of the work
  • Establishing of a work schedule
  • Budget estimation and study of possible aids
  • Meetings with council union
  • Draft the corporate tender documents (specifications)
  • Analyze the offers

Overseeing of the execution of the work’s contract:

  • Site Meetings
  • Work delivery
  • Overseeing the file with executed works

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