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ouvrages_publics_1The public contracting authorities manage an heterogeneous fleet, entrusted to various tenants and users. In accordance with the principle of good management of public budgets, cost control and compliance with commitments on energy efficiency are major goals.

The management of public assets must integrate the general interest missions geared by national commitments, the rising cost of energy and the overall reform of public policies in order to achieve the following objectives:

Public works

Public contracting authorities also have a big role in leading by example and being a pioneer in the implementation of new know-how. By their actions, they can encourage other economic actors to involve themselves and develop high energy and environmental performance practices.

A complete approach

Aware of these concerns and having gained strong experience of public works, our teams have developed a full support program:

The Technical, financial and organizational aspects are systematically integrated into our project management.

Awareness and involvement of the population, elected officials and staff in the buildings are among our priorities for your projects.

They trust us

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