Responsibility at the heart of our story


Alban Lapierre creates ALTEREA to audit the energy performance of buildings. Other energy management projects are quickly added to the service offering: management contract, feasibility study of renewable energy, dynamic thermal simulation. The first customers are project manager of public works, quickly followed by social landlords.




ALTEREA develops its environmental engineering activity to support customers in their efforts of sustainable development and in the fight against climate change: Carbon assessment, Territorial Energy Climate Plan and more generally climate strategies are set-up.

In parallel, with the support of ALTEREA CYRISEA, specialist in the integration of energy management information systems, a control and monitoring activity of the energy performance is created to ensure the achievement of the goals. ALTEREA opens an agency in Paris to be closer to its customers.


The ALTEREA teams find discrepancies between expected performances and actual energy consumption. The company founds the pole “Eco-Rehabilitation which performs contracting project management tasks and is involved in the design phase and the carrying out of the work.

audit the energy performance, environmental engineering, control and monitoring, Eco-Rehabilitation, public works, social landlord,


ALTEREA expands into northern France by opening an office in Lille and develops its social housing segment thanks to this area comprising nearly 400,000 social housing units.

This year is also an opportunity for ALTEREA to go beyond French borders by providing its know-how in China. The company ADEN, leader in facility management, contacts ALTEREA to create a joint venture allowing ALTEREA to reach the Asian market in the construction and energy optimization.


Building on the success of an innovative model, ALTEREA counts approximately 110 employees and sees an average growth of over 30% per year over the last 5 years.

ALTEREA continues its national expansion with the opening of two new branches in Bordeaux and Lyon as well as a new agency at the beginning of 2017 in Strasbourg.


Our company is also developing in the Tertiary Structures” segment by creating ALTYN: its global offering for the service and industry sector.

audit the energy performance, environmental engineering, control and monitoring, Eco-Rehabilitation, public works, social landlord,

In parallel, ALTEREA innovates by creating a unique guarantee: the guarantee of real energy performance.


In 2017, ALTEREA is a leading player recognized on the market of the energy and the building and continue his expansion at the national level by opening an agency on Strasbourg.


ALTEREA has recruited a hundred employees and reached 220 people at the end of 2018. Its turnover has increased from 13 to 18.5M€ over one year (+ 42%). ALTEREA is also at the forefront of innovation by being one of the first actors involved in the EnergieSprong approach in France, by developing the use of BIM in its projects, by offering a unique guarantee, the guarantee of energy performance on his projects in project management…