Our certifications

The certifications and professional qualifications enhance the competencies and professionalism of ALTEREA.

OPQIBI certifications


For each certification sought, ALTEREA has proven its experience by presenting three detailed references, in different domains (in terms of structures, systems …) and certified by its customers.

ALTEREA is certified by the OPQIBI for the following certifications:

  • 01.03 – Technical support engineering (AMO)
  • 01.04 – Operation Maintenance Support (AMO)
  • 03.01 – Planning – Coordination of execution common
  • 03.31 – Management of works execution
  • 06.05 – Greenhouse Gaz emission audit and reduction
  • 06.07 – CO2 and energy audit of merchandise or person transport
  • 09.02 – Asbestos disposal (MOE)
  • 12.10 – Study of the internal building trades of finish
  • 12.11 – Study of the building trades of closed covered common
  • 12.20 – Subtrade engineering
  • 13.09 – Study of common sanitary installations and purification
  • 13.12 – Study of common installations of heating and VMC
  • 13.31 – Regulatory thermal study “detached house”
  • 13.32 – Regulatory thermal study “collective housing and/or tertiary building”
  • 13.20 – Common fluids engineering
  • 14.19 – Electricity engineering
  • 17.17 – Industry energy audit
  • 19.05 – Building energy audit
  • 19.11 – Detached houses audit
  • 20.08 – Engineering of production facilities using biomass in combustion
  • 20.10 – Study of production installations using thermal solar energy
  • 20.11 – Study of production installations using photovoltaic solar energy
  • 22.02 – Cost control in the conception and works phase

As a holder of the 19.05, 20.10, 20.11 certifications ALTEREA is “RGE” approved (Recognised Guarantor of the Environment). This recognition allows our customers to benefit from the principle of ecological-compliance* aid for energy renovation.


* As of 1rst September 2014, only the works carried out by RGE companies and craftsmen, are funded through the eco-interest zero percent loan and as of 1 January 2015, this also applies to the sustainable development tax credit.

QUALIBAT certification


QUALIBATs mission is to provide an assessment of the activities, professional skills and capabilities of the enterprises in the building industry.

ALTEREA had en evaluation done by CERTIVEA of its human and technical capacities with respect air permeability measurements on eco-restoration projects.

Following its analysis, QUALIBAT awarded ALTEREA the 8711 qualification: “Establishment of a system of measures and achievement of permeability measurements of the air of the building envelop.”

« Expertise in Responsible Renovation » certification from PROMOTELEC

PROMOTELEC’s mission is to promote the sustainable use of electricity in the residential and small tertiary sectors.

This association has certified several ALTEREA employees as “Expert in Responsible Renovation” (ERR). They can thus support clients in obtaining the label PROMOTELEC Responsible Renovation.

PROMOTELEC has created several labels to support contractors who wish to improve the energy performance of their buildings, including the “PROMOTELEC Responsible Renovation” label, which certifies:

  • Electrical and gas safety of buildings and dwellings
  • The conventional energy consumption of the building after works (in kWhep / m².an)
  • Quality of the building through the use of certified materials
  • The correct installation of materials and equipment installed through systematic inspection at the end of the works
  • The impact carbon during the exploitation phase

This label has been designed to guide building owners who want to improve the energy performance of their existing homes while combining comfort, safety and respect for the environment.

CERQUAL certifications

certifications CERQUAL

CERQUAL Qualitel Certification, the certification body of the QUALITEL Association (which promotes the quality of housing through certification and public information), accompanies local authorities, developers, builders, developers (local public institutions: SEM, SPL And SPLA) and social landlords in their housing and sustainable development policy for the assessment of quality, comfort, health, energy performance and housing eco-building requirements.

It delivers the following certifications: NF Habitat – NF Habitat HQE (High Environmental Quality) Construction, NF Habitat – NF Habitat HQE housing renovation, NF Habitat – NF Habitat HQE co-ownership unions, NF Habitat – NF Habitat HQE Exploitation, certification Qualitel & Habitat Environment, certification Habitat Heritage & Habitat Heritage Environment, certification Condominiums Heritage & Condominiums Heritage Environment et certification Exploitation.

certifications, qualitel

This voluntary approach to certification is the subject to:

  • Partnership agreements for communities and developers
  • Memoranda of agreements for social landlords, developers, builders

The ALTEREA teams have the necessary skills to accompany clients in the procedures and the processes to obtain the certifications issued by CERQUAL.

CMVP certification CMVP


ALTEREA holds the CMVP certification as a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional. It was implemented by the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO®) in partnership with the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

This training, which includes a comprehensive review of the methods used for measurement and verification of performance of energy efficiency projects, is essential for projects involving a guarantee of results, including an Energy Performance Guarantee (EPG).

Guaranty of Energetic Performance Insurance

In addition to professional liability and the ten-year guarantee, ALTEREA is covered by an additional insurance of Energy Performance Guarantee (EPG) for all its consulting activities, project owner assistance, BET fluids and project management.

DPE certification and accreditation

Several employees of ALTEREA are ECD accredited (Performance Certificate), thus justifying the expertise and quality of the company’s services.

The adviser Cit’ergie accredited by ADEME

logo-citergieThe label Cit’ergie is an operational support to the development of PCET (Territorial Energy Climate Plans), from the energy climate of the 21 agendas, and the communities involvement in the Covenant of Mayors. The Cit’ergie advisers come from specialized consulting firms in the climate and energy, and are continuously trained by the ADEME on the label method.

  • Our Cit’ergie consultant: Sophie LAPIERRE – 02 40 74 24 81

Carbon Assessment Certification / PCAET training

Bilan carbone

Several ALTEREA employees are certified and authorized to conduct a carbon assessment using the method defined by the Association Bilan Carbone (ABC) in its latest version, to carry out the balance of regulatory GHG emissions in accordance with Article 75 of Law No. 2010-788 of 12 July 2010 of the national commitment to the environment.

Membership to the network Vivapolis


VIVAPOLIS is the umbrella brand uniting all French actors, public and private, who want to internationally promote a shared ambition for sustainable urban development. This approach is collectively developed and supported by the French authorities and by the professional federations in the private sector. It provides a collective response to the growing global urbanization, based in particular on the integration of the functions of the city.

ALTEREA shares the VIVAPOLIS vision and is a French actor of the city mobilized around a common vision of the city to share with its people and its users.

Membership to the BBCA association

Thrown in September, 2015, the Association for the Development of the Building Low Carbon (BBCA) gathers the main speakers of the act to build: architects, property developers, manufacturers and engineering consulting firms.

His objectives are:

  • Make become aware of the urgency to decrease the carbon footprint of buildings
  • Develop the knowledge on the building low carbon
  • Value best practice thanks to the label BBCA
  • Incite to build low carbon

ALTEREA brings its knowledge and shares its experience during working groups, and is a member of committees, in particular on problems connected to the social housing.

The signature of the Charter of commitment EnergieSprong France

Introduced in the Netherlands, the approach EnergieSprong wants to carry a system of effective, desirable and viable energy renovations economically so allowing to offer an energy shield to the occupants. The approach EnergieSprong bases on a requiring specifications:

  • Renovation at a level energy zero guaranteed 30 years
  • Works in busy site in one week
  • Additional cost financed by the resale of renewable energy
  • Cut of energy spending
  • Strong Attention carried to the satisfaction of the occupants (aestheticism, comfort)

The profits of this approach are rather convincing in the Netherlands, because she allowed to democratize the access to these energy renovations in the whole of the sector of the real estate by generating a reduction in the 50 % costs in 5 years.

In France, within the framework of the European program H2020, the partners Zero Transition (GreenFlex, The Social Union of the Housing environment, the CSTB, the pole Fiber Energivie, Plan Sustainable Building) are busy to adapt the approach to lower the cost of the heavy energy renovations and thus multiply them. Today social lessors, facilitators and suppliers of solutions as ALTEREA signed the charter. In the case of ALTEREA, the company makes a commitment to work on the proposal of qualitative and competitive offers corresponding to the specifications EnergieSprong.

The signature of the Charter Energy Performance Guaranty

The charter concerns the development of the Energy Performance Guarantee.

The signatories, including ALTEREA, have made the following commitments:

  • Share a common definition of guaranty
  • Share related terminology
  • Implement adapted methods and tools
  • Raise awareness and / or train stakeholders in the guaranty
  • Anticipate the integration of environmental concerns in the guaranty
  • Conduct annual monitoring of guaranty implementation

The charter concerns both new construction and renovation and all actors in the building industry.


ALTEREA continuously monitors the level of certifications to always ensure quality of service.