Values that must be shared to keep our commitments

The construction and development of ALTEREA are defined by the trust of our clients, the excellence of our employees and a minimized environmental impact.

 This strategy is carried out daily through the following 3 values:

  • Client Satisfaction: A satisfied client is a client with whom we build a long term relationship. We share the competencies acquired in our previous projects and of course, we adapt to their issues by innovating in our fields of competencies
  • Entrepreneurship: Synonymous with autonomy, challenge, adventure, the spirit of entrepreneurship is very important at ALTEREA. It is a key element of our HR policy built above all on the trust and talent of its employees
  • Responsibility: Our expertise and support aim to guaranty long term results for Man and the Environment
values and commitments

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The social responsibility of Alterea is grouped around several important subjects:

  • Integration of young people and the construction of sustainable professional pathways

ALTEREA, since its creation, has opened its door to young graduates. This is most often carried out in the context of an internship or a contract of professionalisation or apprenticeship which can lead to a job offer further down the line. The recruitment methods of ALTEREA thus make it possible to offer people who have acquired a foundation of technical knowledge, and a real willingness to learn and to progress, the chance to develop operational skills and professional maturity.

For each employee, individual interviews are organised at the beginning of the year to take stock of the past year, to measure the attainment of objectives and to identify the possibilities for development and / or promotion of each person. These interviews are also an opportunity to see what training is needed. ALTEREA invests heavily in the professional training of its employees, in particular in career paths (training courses from 6 to 24 months, resulting in qualifications or diplomas ) in order to allow them to develop, expand or deepen their technical and managerial skills and thus to be able to accompany, in the long term, the growth of the company.

values and commitments
  • The Integration of disabled workers

All recruitment positions are explicitly open to persons who are recognised as Disabled Workers. Beyond the legal obligation ALTEREA wishes to raise awareness of all employees on the topic of disability within the company in order to federate our teams around this issue, and be part of a socially responsible approach.

  • A sustainable development approach that aims to limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions linked to the performance of its services and its operation
    • Limitation of trips carried out for contracts and optimisation of their effectiveness
    • Use of videoconference / teleconference between our agencies to limit travel trips
    • Training on eco-driving and good practices and how to use the Start & Stop function of our work vehicles
    • Implementation of a company mobility plan to provide employees with measures and alternative modes of transport to the individual car
    • Use of environmentally friendly supplies and materials (documents and reports published on recycled paper and printed on both sides or edited on CD-ROM, a collaborative platform for the transmission of large documents that can not be transmitted via conventional e-mail)
    • Energy Star labelling of IT and office equipment to enable automatic standby and verification of the recycling of IT equipment from the service provider
    • Use of 100% green electricity, through EDF’s “kWh Equilibre +” contract
    • Collaboration with the ARBRE association for the sorting of office waste
    • Annual update of its carbon footprint for assets and services and associated action plan
    • An energy referent by team