Our human resources policy

The desire of ALTEREA is to retain its collaborators and attract new talents. To do so, we offer diverse roles and projects and opportunities for internal changes that allow everyone to plan sustainably within the company.

human resources policy

We also strive to offer all our employees the best conditions to grow and develop within the company. Integration, training, career development, mobility, compensation, professional equality with the accompaniment of the Human Resources Department and a dedicated tutor.

Our HR policy is based on the following fundamental principles:

  1. A tailored integration program

  2. The major objectives for the employee are understanding the role it will play in the organization and its good integration into the company.
  3. A tutoring approach for all

  4. Upon arrival, each employee is accompanied by a guardian. As a privileged and main interlocutor, he ensures his progress in his trade and accompanies him in establishing a career plan within the company.
  1. A progressive development of skills

  2. At every step of the career, the necessary resources are put in place for everyone to gain skills and develop their potential at ALTEREA: training, diploma or certification, coaching by an expert colleague, real life situations, new responsibilities …
  1. Career management through a professional interview approach

  2. These multi-annual appointments are designed to review the activity of the employee, the career prospects are of course addressed. This approach aims to promote professional growth, detection of potentials and the development of training courses to support the functional and geographical mobility.
  3. Remuneration based on individual and collective performance

  4. The results oriented culture of ALTEREA is an essential component of its success and we wanted a motivating and fair global compensation which aims to encourage everyone to exceed in its mission and contribute to the company’s success. The key principles are:
  • Rewarding individual performance through a merit salary increase system
  • Involve our employees in the development and success of the company through our participation agreement
  • Ensure internal equity and consistency of our remuneration policy with market practices
  • Providing social protection schemes tailored in terms of health costs, pensions and retirement
  1. A responsible HR policy

  2. Diversity, youth insertion, employment of disadvantaged groups are important to ALTEREA. This commitment is expressed in particular by ensuring non-discrimination in employment, respect for equity in promotions and commitment to the quality of work life.