Our recruitment process

recruitment process

The recruitment of our future employees is managed by the Human Resources Department in close coordination with our operational team, and involves several steps:


You can apply by responding to a job offer you have found on the dedicated platforms or directly on our email address: recrutement@alterea.fr.

You can also send us your open application to the same address, specifying your professional project, your availability and geographical mobility.


We carefully study your application: training, experience, professional project, motivation … Your file can then be transmitted to the operational managers for further study with regard to vacancies available.

We inform you of the outcome of your application within a period of 2 to 3 weeks. If you have not received a response from us within that time, you can consider that your application has unfortunately been unsuccessful.

If your application does interests us, but it is not a perfect fit with vacancies, we may keep your file, with your agreement, in our database.

First telephone interview

If you are selected, we will contact you for a first telephone exchange. This is a first exhaustive interview that will focus on understanding the position you are applying for as well as the validation of all the elements needed to follow up on your application: your technical knowledge / experience, motivation…

Meeting with the Human Resources and Operational Department

After a conclusive telephone interview, you are invited to meet the Operational Manager (with or without a Human Resources representative) to assess your technical skills, your ability to fill the position in question and to integrate the team. You may be asked to fill out multiple documents: a technical questionnaire, case studies, an application form. This interview takes place, as far as possible, within the geographical location of the position, closest to the teams.

Decision Process

The final decision is taken together by the actors involved in your recruitment. Your skills must match the specifics of the offered job and your profile must match the company values. With your consent, a reference check may be carried out in parallel with your previous employer.

Binding offer and work contract

At the end of the decision process, we agree with you on the terms of your employment and send you a job offer in writing. Following your formal acceptance of the offer of employment, we will proceed to writing your employment contract.

Integration and confirmation

Every new employee is accompanied on his inauguration. Your tutor will facilitate and monitor your integration. It will be your main contact.

During your trial period, you benefit each month for a meeting with your guardian to take stock of your integration and the handling of your duties.