Big renovation for HBM Group Bolivar-Chaufourniers-Moreau Paris Habitat

réhabilitation, paris habitat, maîtrise d'oeuvre, économies d'énergie, isolation, ventilation, chauffageProject manager : Paris Habitat
Architect (mandatory) : De jean-Marin
Localization : Paris XIX
Type of buildings : housings
Period : 2012 – 2018
Area spraid : 29 542 m² SHON
Cost : 26 000 000 € HT


Number of functional units : 473 housings
Cost/Functional units : 54 968 €HT/housing
Energy gain : 63%

Context of the project

L’Office des Habitations à Bon Marché (HBM) (ou : Inexpensive Agency of Housings) from the Seine, leaded by Henri Sellier, had launched between 1921 and 1939, a program of 15 garden cities inspired from the Howard Ebenezer English author’s theories. Henri Sellier has the will to create “a group of cleaned housings to guarantee the decongestion of Paris and its suburb”, and “show that we can ensure to the labor class an housing with the maximum level of material comfort and hygiene conditions”.

Or nowadays, the HBM Bolivar-Chaufourniers-Moreau property group, built between 1924 and 1930 by the architect Charles Heubès in the 19th district of Paris, doesn’t belong anymore of the 15 garden cities program, because it doesn’t present an optimal quality of life for the tenants.

Consequently Paris Habitat wants to carry out a big operation to back up the feature of the housings, improve their technical state, and create a good quality of life for the tenants. Therefore Paris Habitat has chosen the De Jean-Marin’s architect office (mandatory) and ALTEREA to renovate this property complex.

Objectives of the project

  • Bring again to the group an urban consistency to solve insecurity problems
  • Think over the outdoor layouts defining the new public spaces / residential housings / private works
  • Apply technical solutions in order to achieve the objectives of the Climate Plan of Paris and reduce the tenants’ charges in improvement their comfort
  • Organize a group of construction works respecting the Clean Construction Site Charter (Charte Chantier Propre) and the operation’s rules about the historic estate

A complete renovation inside and outside

The programmed works had a big stake with the improvement of the estate according to 2 angles :

  • Resorption of technical anomalies (leaks, humidity….)
  • The improvement of the housings and buildings’ conception, focused on volumes and spaces, the back to level of equipments, technical complete improvement and an internal reconditioning (coatings, shower cubicles, sanitary facilities, kitchens)

The following group of works had been performed in occupied site and “intervention en tiroir”:

  • Reconfiguration of the housings
  • Complete restoration of the water rooms
  • Creation of a smoke extraction
  • Installation of landing doors
  • Restoration of the electricity
  • Internal insulation
  • Creation of a controlled mechanical ventilation
  • Installation of a collective heating system and hot water connected
  • Restoration of the railings
  • Restoration of the impermeability
  • Restoration of the cover
  • Replacement of the carpentries
  • Insulation of the high floor of the substation
  • Reconfiguration of the external spaces


réhabilitation, paris habitat, maîtrise d'oeuvre, économies d'énergie, isolation, ventilation, chauffage


réhabilitation, paris habitat, maîtrise d'oeuvre, économies d'énergie, isolation, ventilation, chauffage

The energy savings at the end of the works

The energy consumption has to change from 259 kWhEP/m² to 97 kWhEP/m², so 63% of economy on initial consumptions.

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