Actual Energy Performance Guaranty

ensuring, energy, performance, security, renovation, réhabilitationAs the developer, you seek to secure the return on investment of your work as well as the commitments made to your users and tenants. Ensuring energy gains contributes to the appreciation of your existing estate.

ALTEREA has created a unique guarantee: the ACTUAL ENERGY PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE in project management, the ideal combination of rehabilitation and actual energy performance.

To guarantee the announced performance, ALTEREA benefits from its experience of several years in energy rehabilitation for all types of buildings. Thanks to this, we have been able to create a specific and multidisciplinary system of operations management which enables us to manage our clients’ projects and to make this strong contractual commitment on the results to be achieved.

An innovative process

Energy performance guarantee is secured thanks to several important steps:

ensuring, energy, performance, security, renovation, réhabilitation

  • PERFORMANCE DESIGN: Initial situation survey, definition of future energy performance objectives to be achieved, plans and protocols (Measurement and Verification Plan, commissioning, testing and reception) and performance design of structures and systems
  • IMPLEMENTATION OF THE SYSTEMS: Implementation of the performance program, the commissioning plan, the test and reception plan
  • USER INVOLVEMENT: Training and raising awareness of persons most concerned
  • RIGOROUS CONTROL OF SITE OPERATION: Follow-up of the implementation of the counting and the PMW, monthly energy evaluation throughout the duration of the guarantee, quarterly visits on site in the presence of the operator
  • ENERGY CONSUMPTION MONITORING: Implementation of operational monitoring tools and methods (Technical Management of GTB Buildings, Centralised Technical Management of GTCs, telemetry of energy consumption per station, energy management) and training of interested parties in these processes

An outstanding and unmatched contract

ALTEREA contractually guarantees the energy performance to be maintained for a period of 5 years from the reception of the works.

The guarantee comes into place should the targeted energy performance be exceeded. Alterea can take charge of investigating the causes of energy overconsumption and:

  • Carrying out any works required to bring the structure into line with the level of contractual energy performance


  • Compensate 100% of the over-consumption during the guarantee period on the basis of the cost of the energy defined at the time of signature of the contract

A unique guarantee

This innovative offer, similar to an Energy Performance Contract in engineering, reflects ALTEREA’s control of methods and process to guarantee energy performance, covered by an insurance solution unique on the market.