Commissioning of Buildingspicto_recommissioning

comissionnement-batiment-1The operation of new or renovated buildings is more and more complex. We regularly find a discrepancy between the objective designed by a work program and the actual operation result.

For example we observe energy over-consumption due to inadequated heating instructions, staggered operating schedules, etc. It is possible to overcome these shortcomings by a quality assurance process of the building and its technical installations.The commission covers this through the presence of an external person with a specific mission in the project from design to delivery and operation.As a real missing link between the design and operation, the commissioning of your building allows:

  • To anticipate operational problems by integrating the commission from the design phases
  • Check the performance of systems to improve energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, ensure tenant comfort and reduce maintenance problems
  • To ensure energy savings by testing the systems and checking their optimal use
  • To inform tenants on good “energy” practices and their impact on consumption

In an optimization approach, we also carry-out the recommissioning of your buildings. This regular health check will allow you to:

  • To evaluate the initial performance of the building over a period called “reference period”, through a complete technical audit of equipment
  • Bring the building back to its optimum through the establishment and implementation of corrective and preventive action programs
  • Regularly check the adequacy of corrective actions
Commissioning of Buildings

Consumptions before and after implementation of the actions of improvement of the energy efficiency

Appropriated and effective actions

The actions which we led as part of a periodic recommissioning mission are:

  • Visit and on-site surveys
  • Analysis and creation of the building simulation model
  • Malfunction search and identification of corrective and preventive actions
  • Creating action plans and monitoring
  • Support operators in the implementation of selected measures
  • Recommissioning Final report
  • User training for continuous improvement of customs and practices