Technical building Management (TBM)

A building is a system composed of different coordinated technologies that require diverse expertise. Its construction is a complex operation occurring in a normative and regulatory environment.

The goal of TBM is to make an intelligent contribution to a global supervision of technical installations such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electricity, lighting as well as security and safety systems (alarms , access, …) by centralizing all informations on a common management tool.

TBM allows the “connection” of the technical equipment of the comfort heating, security of the building … for the general purpose of SECURING – MASTERING – SAVING – MANAGING

TBM : a communicating, digital and IT concept

  • Increase comfort and improve the indoor environment. For example, each office will be equipped with individual regulation, its tenant can therefore manage itself (within limits) the temperature of his office
  • Better manage the energy consumption of the building by interconnecting two equipments. For example the interconnection of the access control system with the regulation of heating and lighting allows an office to warm up only when the tenant is detected by the access control, and lighting can be turned off when leaving and the temperature reduced in his office
  • Know in real time all the technical information of the building and address problems quickly before the user is aware of the anomaly
  • Monitor installations 24/7
  • Perform diagnostics and avoid unnecessary travel

The main objectives are: consuming less, polluting less, spending less for the same level of comfort, the same results and the same service. Three steps to do so:

1- Transparency: measure, see and control the energy performance of your technical installations for more transparency = establishment of an energy metering plan. After analysing your site, we will define the most “energy consuming” aspects and we will advocate the installation of meters adapted to your needs in order to have a precise measurement of your energy consumption.

2- Intelligence: optimization solutions and improvement of functionalities of your TBM offer more intelligence to your system. All that is needed is to understand the needs, identify opportunities, establish an action plan and implement it.

3- Performance: technical installation modernization solutions and reducing your energy consumption adds value to your building. It is necessary to amend the technical facilities to increase the energy efficiency of heating, ventilation, air conditioning by including a performance guarantee. The project must ensure sufficient gains to finance the work and services for energy optimization with a preset investment return time (Energy Performance Contracting).