PCG and ten year warranty trackingpictoControle

Suivi GPA et garantie décennaleIn order to protect you and guarantee your compliance and energy performance targets set, following the recommended work done, we offer you two types of guarantee, involved in various disputes:

The perfect completion guarantee (PCG)

It is useful if the constructor fails to meet its performance obligation specified in the contract. It lasts one year and does not require that the owner provides proof of any wrongdoing in the performance of his work. In fact, the PCG is used when the contractor has carried out work no conform to its contractual indications or that does not correspond to good practices.

Thus, the PCG acts in case of disorders, including those related to the ten-year warranty or guarantee of operation.

The ten-year guarantee

This one can be implemented when the product received conceals imperfections invisible upon work delivery. This is valid for ten years under the Civil Code. This is a protection for the owner against damage caused by imperfections or construction defects. It is active after the work is finished and delivered to its owner. However, for it to be valid, it is necessary that the damage was not detected during the work delivery. It may be used, for example, in case of disorders attributed to inadequate foundations.

In case of dispute, it is the owner’s responsibility to prove that the ten year guarantee is at stake.